Market research websites

Internet Intelligence Index. Compiled by the Fuld & Company Library, this index is designed to help gather information from a wide variety of public services and contains links to over 600 intelligence-related Internet sites.

Market Research Society of New Zealand

Market Research Portal.  UK-based general resource for anyone associated with market research.

Pew Research.  American-focused, but still lots of relevant articles and research.  If you’re interested in online trends, Pew/Internet is a good place to start.

The Future Place.  Ray Poynter is one of the names in the research world and this is his site.   You can go straight to Ray’s blog.

Research Reinvented blog. Emiel van Wegen in the Netherlands, who says “The aim of the blog is advance research away from bean counting and towards enlightenment, by using the best of the new and building on the best of the past.”

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