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Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Backpack.  Very useful way to create and manage virtual teams and projects.  Share information, calendars, photos, you name it.

BlackCoffee Glossary of Brand Terms.  I’ll bet everyone can find some concepts that are new to them…  A free online brainstorming application.

Marketing Terms.  Internet marketing reference and index of the best sites & articles

MindMeister.  Collaborative online mind mapping – and the basic edition is free.

Presentation Helper.  Heading for the same PowerPoint templates?  Stop!  For better presentations (even if you think you’re really good already), have a look around this site.  Even if the name is awkwardly close to “Hamburger Helper…”

Presentation Zen.  Garr Reynolds’ blog on issue related to professional presentation design.

Psychotactics.  Why customers buy (and why they don’t).

VentureRepublic Brand Glossary.  Good definitions of basic branding terminology.

Visual Thesaurus.  Not just a fun web-based thesaurus, but full of thought-provoking articles.  Great for anyone who loves language.